Fleming Family

My Intriguing Royce Relatives, Including Sarah, Marion and Jean Royce

A discussion of my intriguing Royce Relatives: “Frontier Lady” Sarah Royce (1819-1891) whose published account of life during the 1849 Gold Rush is still in print, Marion Royce (1901-1987) women’s rights advocate and Order of Canada recipient, and Jean Royce (1904-1982) the longest-serving registrar of Queen’s University (1933-1968).

Peterson Family Christmases, London, Ontario, Canada, 1952-1965

Peterson family Christmases from 1952 to 1965 were multi-faceted. My mother Jay Peterson (1920-1976) created unique Noel-inspired artwork. My brothers Stu and Chris (1954-2009) prepared Christmas cards at the Leith, Ontario print shop. I wrote an account of what London, Ontario’s Victoria Park Christmas displays were like in the mid-1960s.

Honouring My Cousin, RCAF Pilot Officer George Howard (Geordie) Fleming, Killed in Action, August 15, 1941

My mother’s cousin, RCAF Pilot Officer Geordie Fleming sadly lost his life when he was a bomber captain flying over enemy territory during the Second World War. I have assembled an 11″ x 17″ binder about his remarkable life. During a February 2020 London, Ontario Heritage Fair, I showed the binder to interested participants.