December 2020

Peterson Family Christmases, London, Ontario, Canada, 1952-1965

Peterson family Christmases from 1952 to 1965 were multi-faceted. My mother Jay Peterson (1920-1976) created unique Noel-inspired artwork. My brothers Stu and Chris (1954-2009) prepared Christmas cards at the Leith, Ontario print shop. I wrote an account of what London, Ontario’s Victoria Park Christmas displays were like in the mid-1960s.

Part Three of Three – John Baptist Askin (1788-1869) – The Askin Family’s Connection to Detroit, 1700s-1800s

London, Ontario Metis office holder, John Baptist Askin (1788-1869) hailed from Detroit, where his family were well-known citizens. His grandfather’s son-in-law Elijah Brush (1775-1813) advocated for the freedom of two Black slaves, Peter and Hannah Denison. The Denison’s daughter, Lisette Denison, helped establish a church in 1868 where people of any background could worship.