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A Delectable Lie, a Tree and a Way Forward: Multiculturalism and Aboriginal Policy Compared – Part One of Two

Western University political science professor Salim Mansur’s book Delectable Lie: a liberal repudiation of multiculturalism (2011) argues that “identity politics” and collectivism are eroding Canadian liberal democracy and freedom of speech. Canadians need to uphold the importance of a unifying Canadian culture “embedded in the values of the West and shaped by the Enlightenment.”

Aboriginal Issues During the “Culpability Era”

Canadian politicians frequently adhere to cultural relativism doctrine which can make the Indigenous situation worse. It is better to follow advice from Indigenous leaders like Calvin Helin, who recommends that welfare dependency be replaced with self-reliance. Helin also contends that Indigenous communities should develop alternative revenue streams so they are not so reliant on government.

Canadian Aboriginal Integration is Better than Assimilation or Parallelism

An examination of Canadian political science professor Alan Cairns’s thought-provoking book on Aboriginal policy: Citizens Plus (2000). I agree with Cairns that Indigenous people can maintain their rights, and also their Canadian citizenship. However, I think any rights maintained should not harm either Aboriginals or Non-Aboriginals.