Service League of London

Part One of Four: Tribute to Jay Peterson (1920-1976), on the 40th Anniversary of her Passing, December 15, 2016 – Recent Examples of Her Legacy Being Acknowledged

This is the first of a four-part tribute to my mother on the 40th anniversary of her passing December 15, 1976. I discuss her 1950s paintings of children, her design of the “Moo Cow” marionette for James Reaney’s “Apple Butter” play, and her baby chair invention which was acquired by Museum London.

Jay Peterson (1920-1976)

My mother invented a baby chair that was used by the Service League of London as a fundraiser from about 1958 to 1967. Museum London has two different versions of this chair in their collection. Poet Colleen Thibaudeau Reaney penned the poem that is on my mother’s grave at the Leith, Ontario United Church cemetery.