Stu Peterson

Jay Peterson (1920-1976) – Examples of Her Art, ca. 1939-1961

Around the early 1960s, my mother painted pictures of children on the wall of my father’s periodontal office. His office was torn down shortly after he retired, but before his office was dismantled, he cut the pictures out of the wall and had them individually framed; a couple of examples are included with this post.

Hollywood Documentary to Showcase Pirate Radio Deejay Tom Lodge (1936-2012)

This is a follow-up to my March 19, 2012 post about my mother and my brother Chris’s connection to Radio Caroline top deejay Tom Lodge. Lodge publicly thanked my mother and brother for their support. I attended an October 2011 London event to raise funds for Lodge’s cancer treatment. Unfortunately, he died March 25, 2012.

My Mother, Jay Peterson (1920-1976), My Brother Chris Peterson (1954-2009), Tom Lodge and “The Ship That Rocked the World”

My mother and my brother Chris were supportive of Tom Lodge, who was head program director/top deejay on the ship Radio Caroline. This vessel was anchored off the coast of England, 1966-1967. Lodge wrote a book about his Radio Caroline adventures and the 2010 edition is dedicated to Chris.